Parkway Projects launches Payzone Store to boost SME revenue

Parkway Projects, one of Africa’s leading financial technology provider, has reiterated its commitment to enabling the growth of small and medium scale businesses with the launch of its Payzone store. Offering the lowest Merchant Service Charge in the market right now, Payzone store was created to help business owners earn more with ease.

Payzone store provides the easiest and fastest way of creating and running an online store for free. With no programming knowledge or skills required, it is suitable for every business owner looking to increase sales and grow revenue with ease.

In a recent media chat, Emeka Onwuka, CEO, Parkway Projects, stated that the launch of the Payzone store is great news for every business owner who is looking to earn more from their sales whilst getting the best user experience and end-to-end support that will guarantee their success.

“With Payzone store, we are focusing on empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses, who represent the promise of an improved Nigerian economy. Drawing from our years of experience servicing the finance industry, we were led by data and a desire to support economic development, to provide a solution that prioritizes growing earnings of small businesses over our own profit margins. With the launch of the Payzone Store, we are offering much more than ease of use and prioritizing revenue generation and growth for business owners.”

This is great news indeed for business owners who are keen on growing revenue by exploring online/digital channels, as Payzone store offers them even greater convenience and earning potential. Payzone store will help merchants and business owners drive regular, repeat business for their stores, enabling them to generate new and more income for their businesses.

“Payzone Store is a product targeted at upscaling businesses and minimizing the hassles of running a business. It allows you bring your business online and enjoy endless possibilities of increased customer base and revenue growth. This is particularly important as the world grapples with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want business owners to continue to serve their customer base and thrive in these times from anywhere with ease,” said Jide Pomary, Product Manager, Payzone.

Some key features of the Payzone Store include:

  • Customizable online store with no coding or programming required
  • Multiple product listing with prices
  • Seamless inventory management
  • Concise transaction charts
  • Stock and transaction issues management
  • Goodbye to “DM for Price” with Instore chat capability
  • Multiple purchase option
  • Store shipping capability
  • Instant order and transaction notification
  • Zero Stamp Duty charges
  • Minimal documentation required
  • Zero downtime for your business; Store available 24/7

With Payzone store, it is an exciting time to be a business owner looking to migrate or expand your sales channels. To join the zone that pays, and to begin selling and earning online with ease, click the link to set up your store right away:

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