How Mobile is taking over online sports betting

    The best thing to ever happen in the betting sector is the utilization of technology. The introduction of the internet catapulted the rise of online bookmakers. Among the other advancements in technology that online sports betting has to be proud of is mobiles’ invention, under which we have seen innovations such as the Betway betting app.

    By 2020, figures indicate more than 3.5 billion Smartphone users, and the model keeps on rising daily. Over 80 percent of those accessing internet use mobile devices. The statistics are a clear indication that the introduction of mobile phones has boosted business.

    Most online betting sites have websites that are accessible to customers using mobiles. The results are mouth-watering since the industry has been on the rise. Below, we take a look at what makes mobile betting popular;

    The Growth of Mobile Betting

    The steady rise of mobile devices’ usage over the years has positively affected the betting sector. There is an increase in the use of smartphones across the world; hence many can access betting sites at their homes’ comfort.

    Online bookmakers are giving bettors the best offers, creating competition meant to attract more customers. To achieve that, they have given punters a chance to bet using their phones. Most online sports betting companies like Betway have introduced mobile apps to make it easier for a customer to place a bet.

    Certain benefits appeal to bettors, such as;

    It is Unfussy

    Placing a bet using your phone is similar to doing the same using a PC; hence, mobile betting is gaining prominence. Once you are conversant with using online bookmakers, you find it easy to use the mobile platform. The payment methods on your PC are the same as on mobile platforms.

    Transitioning from one platform to the other has been made simple.


    Mobile usage means you can place a bet from wherever you are, unlike using PCs. Convenience has made mobile online sports betting popular. Every consumer is always on the lookout for the easiest way to access services. Most people spend more to gain convenience.

    Compatibility of the Device

    Bookmakers ensure that punters can gamble using different devices as a way of attracting more customers. When mobile sports betting was introduced, gamblers would only use a compressed version of a betting site, but that has since been resolved.

    The site was slow and cumbersome. As time progressed, sportsbooks came up with websites that can respond quickly. The sites can now be accessed from different devices. Later, apps were introduced, which made work easier for gamblers.

    Mobile Sports Betting Safety

    Every gambler has always been concerned by the level of security whenever gambling online. The increase of cybercrimes has made gamblers take caution on where they place their bet. To curb the menace, bookmakers have ensured that they put tighter security measures initially not captured on PC betting.

    The data is encrypted to ensure every customer is protected. On the other hand, almost all mobile devices come with in-built security systems, plus punters. The continuous advancement in mobile technology has helped boost mobile betting, and with top brands like Betway adopting newer technologies, the trend is expected to keep on rising over the years.

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