Akon has finalized agreement to build ‘Akon City’ in Senegal

Musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Akon, took to Twitter last week to announce that he has “finalized agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal.”

The city is reported to be built on a 2,000-acre land that Akon received as a gift from Senegal’s president, Macky Sall. The city is also expected to trade on the exclusive currency of the ‘Akoin Ecosystem’, a digital cash currency that Akon first hinted about in 2018.

Over the last decade, Akon has successfully launched and powered various initiatives in Africa, including ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ to provide scaled solar power solutions throughout 18 African countries.

“When I was growing as an entertainer, I said to myself I don’t want to be remembered for just singing and dancing. Ultimately, I had to figure out what I can do that will help create a legacy,” said Akon during the YouthConnekt Africa Summit, Kigali in 2017.

With his social enterprises, his cryptocurrency and this city, Akon is surely on his way to building that legacy he talks about often.


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