Transformer installation in Garissa shows Kenya’s power sector leadership

Kenya’s power sector has been dubbed a success story in Africa, and a new 2.5 MVA transformer in Garissa only affirms this further. Garissa, a region in Kenya that has come up in the news in the past for series of attacks on schools, gets a boost in power supply to the town and areas around it with this installation.

This installation is quite exemplary, as it showcases Kenya’s responsive leadership and enabling environment for innovation in its power sector, especially off-grid solutions. Residents in the area demanded for increased power supply following the commencement of the Muslim Ramadan fast, and not long after, this transformer was commissioned in response to that demand.

Prior to this installation, Garissa has been served by a 7.5 MVA transformer from a substation – that was energized about this time in 2016 – in the area, and according to the town’s member of parliament, Hon. Aden Duale, this extra 2.5 MVA transformer will ensure there is adequate and reliable access to power supply in the area.

According to Kenya Power Sector Report by Power Africa, the country’s power sector is one of “solid performance”. It’s per-capita consumption as at 2014 was 161 kWh compared to Nigeria’s 126 kWh which has a per-capita GDP three (3) times that of Kenya.

The report also pointed out ways for Kenya to “take its power sector from good to great” by:

  1. Delivering 2,700 MW of new generation capacity by 2020 through new financing and partnership models
  1. Developing and executing a connection strategy incorporating on and off-grid solutions to deliver universal electricity access by 2020
  1. Resolving wayleave issues and optimizing construction to triple the kilometres of transmission lines in the country
  1. Seeking innovative solutions to meet the 14-18 Billion Dollars in financing required for the sector as a whole to meet its goals.
Kenya's power sector 2015-2020 snapshot [Source: Kenya Power Sector Report by Power Africa]
Kenya’s power sector 2015-2020 snapshot [Source: Kenya Power Sector Report by Power Africa]

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