FIBA unveils new Africa headquarters in Abidjan

FIBA Africa on Saturday unveiled its new headquarters in Abidjan. The new headquarters is built on a 4,000 square meter plot of land and all of the construction work was carried out by Ivorian companies.

The two-floor building consists of: a welcome esplanade, a conference room, a Lagoon Edge terrace, a Hall of Fame, offices, a recording studio, a multi-purpose room, a restaurant and a non-covered cursive terrace.

On this important day for all African basketball stakeholders, FIBA President Horacio Muratore thanked the Ivorian government for its support.

“Nearly 58 years after its creation, FIBA Africa owns now its house of basketball. I would like to emphasize the crucial role played by the Ivorian Government in offering hospitality to our organization for the construction of this Headquarters. From the beginning of the talks, we felt the great interest of your country in hosting the House of African basketball.”

Mr. Andreas Zagklis, FIBA Secretary General, stressed the central role that the new headquarters will play in helping Africa achieve its basketball potential.

“This new headquarters plays an important role in Africa, a continent with great passion and potential for our game,” he said.

“We have witnessed very promising signs of what African Basketball can achieve.

“This evolution comes together with our NBA partnership for a league in Africa and, as of today, with a brand-new Regional Office. And what a better place to celebrate basketball than a 3×3 court where we are standing right now. We look forward to seeing Basketball further develop in Africa.”

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