Pan-African Company To Launch Smartphone in Partnership With Google

Mara Corporation Limited (MC) is set to release the Mara X in partnership with Google. The pan-African company founded by  Ashish J. Thakkar is making the new device for the African market and will start selling in the second quarter of 2018.

“Across Africa and in other emerging markets, we need smartphones that are both extremely affordable and high quality,” said Mara Chairman Jagdish Thakkar. “These phones will give people the ability to improve their lives through accessing information online and using them for trade and financial services.”

The Mara X will be launched as part of Google’s Android One portfolio, getting a software experience designed by Google to be smart, secure and simply amazing. The Mara X comes with the latest innovations from Google. It will run the latest operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo; will get two years of OS upgrades; and the device has been optimized for the Google Assistant which is your own personal Google, ready to help throughout your day.

With unlimited high quality photo storage from Google Photos and a carefully curated set of pre-installed apps, the Mara X makes sure African users have enough space for the apps they love.

“Africa is seeing a new generation of entrepreneurs looking for mobile technology to help run their businesses, and the Mara X will work for them to pursue greater heights,” said Mara Corporation Founder, Ashish J Thakkar. “Our continent is expected to have over 700 million smartphones within a few years, and that connectivity will truly transform lives.”

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