4G Internet network coverage reaches all districts in Rwanda

It will now be easier for the majority of Rwandans to access 4G LTE services after the network coverage was extended to cover most parts of the country.

According to KT Rwanda Network, the firm charged with provision of universal mobile broadband network in Rwanda using 4G LTE technology, 4G LTE network now covers 95 per cent of the country. This is an increase from 8 per cent 4G internet coverage in 2014 and 17 per cent the following year.

“The availability of 4G LTE services supports businesses and other operations and hence boost economic and social development,’’ John Ntwali Ndorimana, the 4G Square manager, said over the weekend.

Ndorimana, who was speaking during an event to celebrate this achievement and reward customers in Kigali, said all districts are “now covered by 4G internet network”.

“Now business operators can be able to supervise their enterprises on the go using 4G smartphones. We, therefore, call on all Rwandans, especially the business community to take advantage of this opportunity to grow their businesses using the fastest technology,” he said.

In a related development, Ndorimana said the firm last year focused on deploying the network across sector offices, health centres, banks and smart villages. He added that in past years they had focused on highly populated areas and trading centres. 4G LTE Internet was launched in Rwanda in the year 2014.

Boosting creative sector, tele-medicine

The official added that the service gives app developers immense opportunities and more options for “creating better user experiences on their mobiles”.

For instance, developers can  make software that can enable users of mobile banking services to have a live video chat with an advisor about which loan is best for you, he said.

He added that the deployment of 4G internet network across the country will also enhance provision of other services, like tele-medicine, enabling doctors to carry out consultations and provide treatment to patients via the internet.

“This helps to eliminate distance barriers and improves access to medical services that would otherwise not be readily accessible by the rural communities,” he added.

Meanwhile, a number of customers were awarded a range of prizes for their loyalty, including flat screens and smartphones, mobile routers, CPEs and other 4G LTE-enabled devices. They also benefited from a 30 per cent discount on 4G smartphones.

Users speak out

Krauss Susanne, a 4G LTE user, said the service enables her to conduct her daily business without any interruption even when out of office.

SOURCE: The New Times


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