Kenya’s Sukari Industries to Triple Sugar Production with Sh165m expansion plan

One of Kenya’s largest conglomerates, Sukari Industries, has revealed plans to invest about Sh165m to expand its production capacity and triple its sugar production in the coming years.

The conglomerate, which is owned by the billionaire Rai family, is set to pump fresh capital to grow the production capacity of its Homa Bay-based sugar factory, Business Daily reported.

The investment will go directly into the installation of new equipment to reduce waste generation, reduce energy consumption and produce a better quality product, the firm said in a filing with regulators.

These enhancements, it believes will assist significantly in growing its capacity from a current 1,500 tonnes to its target of 5,000 tonnes, more than three folds.

“In today’s competitive market, efficiency in every front is crucial for survival. The economic scale of operation — sizing of the factory and implementation of advance and modern technology — is a must,” it said.

“This will help the factory to run with reduced stoppage, helping farmers supply product with regularity.”

The Rai’s business empire is expansive with interest in Ngano Wheat farms (Tanzania), Menengai Oil, West Kenya Sugar, Kinyara Sugar Works (Uganda), and Timsales which is also associated with the Kenyatta family.

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