Rwanda’s Electronic Case Management system to receive global award in USA

The Ministry of Justice’s Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS) will today be awarded for its innovation at the prestigious Top 10 Court Technology Solutions Awards ceremony scheduled to be held at the National Association for Court Management annual conference in Washington, DC.

According to information obtained at the awards web-page, the award is given to any high-performing court that engages many tools to operate efficiently and effectively in conducting the business of the judiciary.

“Technology is one such tool. Leveraging innovative technology to facilitate court business and communication is mission critical. Each year ten outstanding courts are honored for improving access to justice through the application of technology,” it says.

The IECMS was developed as one of the remedies towards reducing delays and transaction costs associated with judicial cases and generally to improve the provision of access to justice through the entire justice chain from Investigation to Correctional Service.

The Minister for Justice; Johnston Busingye welcomed the recognition, saying the system was designed and developed to match the country’s legal system.

“It is deployed in all courts and prosecutions across Rwanda. All court users access the courts through this system. The recognition validates our work and commits us to double our effort,” he said.

Busingye credited the system for greatly improving the entire justice delivery chain due to its transparency and cost effectiveness.

“It’s fast, accurate, has improved accountability, transparency and its cost effective. The main attributes required of any justice system have greatly improved and will continue to improve as we customise it further,” he said.

The system now helps citizens to save time and resources; use it to file cases, do follow ups and get related information without necessarily leaving their homes.

Commenting on the award, the Prosecutor General Jean Bosco Mutangana said that the system is worth the accolades.

“I sometimes wish that we had had the system even much earlier because it has made a big difference. The prosecutor’s office is actually phasing out papers because paperwork is done online,” he said.

The system is also integrated with the National Identification Agency, Rwanda Revenue Authority and land center for easy access of individual information. Upon upgrading, IECMS will have electronic signature, stamp and finger prints to make it fully paperless.

The system was initiated by the Rwanda Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector in December 2014. It was however developed by Armenian Company; “Synergy International Systems” to the tune of $2 million.

Source: The New Times

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