Mauritius: Three Major By-Pass Projects in the Pipeline to Further Improve Road System

Three major by-pass projects are in the pipeline for this year, in Mauritius.
They are: the construction of the Cap Malheureux Bypass cutting through Anse la Raie, Sans Souci and Pavillon, set to start in October 2017, to the tune of Rs 200 M; construction of the St Julien Bypass, cutting through Quartier Militaire and Flacq, to be completed in September 2018, to the tune of Rs 230 M and the construction of a link road cutting through La Vigie – La Brasserie – Beaux Songes , set to start in January 2018, to the tune of Rs 653 M.
This was announced by the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, during a site visit at Coromandel. He underlined that various bypasses will be constructed with a view to alleviate traffic congestion along the main arteries of the country and to maintain and enhance the country’s road networks. In this context the Road Development Authority (RDA) has started a resurfacing project, stated the Minister.
The underlying objectives of these road projects are to have a reliable infrastructure to facilitate public safety, public convenience and avoid congestion.
Minister Bodha announced that innovative techniques such as the milling process will be used to undertake the repair works. This process, he underlined involves a curb reveal process, the removal of deteriorated asphalt and surface levelling. He pointed out that these will lead to financial savings on the cost and utilisation of new materials and also lead to a sustainable use and conservation of natural resources.
Following damages in some localities due to torrential rainfall during the month of May 2017, the RDA has initiated various repairs and resurfacing works to address drainage and erosion problems. The resurfacing project concerns approximately 49 km of roads across the country and in this regard a budget of Rs 212 millions has been allocated.
Moreover, resurfacing works in various regions including, Vacoas, Beau Bassin, Port Louis, Candos, L’Escalier, Mahebourg, La Ferme, Centre de Flacq, Cote D’Or, Bras D’Eau, Poste de Flacq, Bel Etang , Bramsthan, St Julien, Grand Baie, Petite Julie, Plaines des Roches are currently being undertaken.
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