Angola: Phosphate to Boost Country’s Development

Northern Zaire province has a huge economic potential capable of significantly contributing to the country’s social and economic development.
This was said  in Mbanza Congo city by Zaire governor, José Joanes André, during the launch of the integrated phosphate exploration project at the locality of Lucunga.
José Joanes Andre said apart from oil, Zaire has other relevant minerals for the process of diversification of the national economy.
He added that Zaire will continue to boost the development of Angola, counting on the contribution from the power project that will stimulate the growth of other sectors of the economy by attracting private investments.
The governor stated as well that the private investment will help produce jobs and improve the living of the local population.
In his turn, the representative of the firm “Vale Fértil, SA” that will exploit phosphate in Zaire, António Mota, said the environment side of the matter has been taken care of under the geological studies conducted on the site in eight years time.
Antonio Mota added that an environment impact study has been conducted to analyse the quality of existing water, fauna and flora and others, and identified sensitive areas for which negative effect mitigation measures are being taken.
He added that his company is in a position to join the provincial authorities in identifying priority social areas like health, education and others with a positive impact on the living of the populations.
Lucunga is estimated to have huge deposits of phosphate rocks and reserves with phosphate contents of 10 percent.
According to information, under an investment of over US$ 132 million, the production of phosphate fertilizers is set to start in 2019, expecting produce 330,000 tons and attract US$ 76 million.
The production is expected to reach 550,000 tons in 2020 and produce net revenues above US$ 126 million, it was also said.
The ceremony of launch of the project was presided over by the minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiroz, and witnessed by the secretary of State for Mining, Manuel Paulino, “Vale Fértil, SA” representatives and Zaire province Government officials.

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