Angolan Products are Globally Competitive – Trade minister

Angola’s Trade Minister, Fiel Constantino, said that national products have qualities to be sold inside and outside the country.

The minister said so at the inauguration ceremony of the supermarket “Shoprite”, underlining that with the new commercial establishment in operation, the country will complete the distribution of the necessary institutions of this kind.

The official referred to the efforts that these supermarkets have made to maintain the stock, especially of national foodstuff and encouraged those responsible to continue with the same dynamism and commitment.

On the other hand, the provincial governor of Lunda Sul, Cândida Narciso, said on the occasion that the province has the doors open to welcome entrepreneurs who want to invest in various socio-economic sectors in the region, with the aim of contributing to its growth and development.

She stressed that the province lacks investment in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, tourism and industry, sectors that can create wealth in the region.

The new supermarket has generated 300 jobs.

Shoprite has 29 stores in the country and employs 5.200 young people. As part of the nationwide supermarket expansion programme, it is expected that by 2019 the number of shopping malls of this kind will reach 44. These could create 4.500 jobs.

The Shoprite project started in 2004 in Luanda and consists of the installation of food and household stores, warehouses, restaurants, bars and furniture sales.

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