Angola and IFAD Partner to Build Capacity for Fishing Communities

The Angolan Government, with the help of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will implement a project on sea fishing and community aquaculture in Luanda, Cuanza Norte and Malanje provinces.

The project will cover 15.000 families and allow fishermen to learn about fish handling techniques, fish farming and mainly about aquaculture in these provinces.

 Antónia Nelumba, Secretary of State for Fisheries, during her working visit to the Centre for Support of Artisanal Fisheries in the Cabo Ledo region of Luanda, said that the sea fishing project will be implemented in Luanda and Bengo provinces, while in Cuanza Norte, Malanje and Bengo will be implemented the continental aquiculture

The project will improve fish capture, build markets for the sale of fish and community education to maintain ecosystems.

The Ministry of Fisheries intends, she pointed out, that people who practice artisanal fishing leave subsistence fishing and develop to get more income through learning that will enable them to improve their skills and support their families’ living expenses.

She called on other fishermen to join the fishing industry and aquaculture in order to increase the supply of work in these provinces where these projects will be implemented.

According to her, workshops and meetings have already been held in the regions where the projects will be implemented with the communities, to enable them to participate in this activity.

The manager of the Centre for Support to Artisanal Fisheries, Ezequiel Pinho, said that production will increase from 10 tons to 30 tons of fish, through the rise of numbers of boats and the motivation of the fishermen to associate with this work.

This centre assists in receiving the fish and materially supports the fishermen.‎

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