Andela Opens Third African Base in Uganda

As the need for world-class talent in global tech ecosystems increases, Andela has launched operations in Kampala, Uganda to continue connecting the most talented developers across Africa with the companies that need them.

Andela is a global engineering organization that recruits the most talented developers in Africa, shapes them into technical leaders and places them as full-time distributed team members with companies such as Microsoft, IBM and high-growth start-ups.

By connecting top employers to the brightest individuals on the continent, Andela bridges the talent gap and also invests in the smartest, most creative minds in software development.

Its investors include the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; GV (formerly Google Ventures); and Spark Capital. Andela has raised $39 million since inception in 2014.

Uganda has a vibrant technology scene with several tech hubs and incubators including Hive Colab, Women in Technology and Outbox as well as weekly tech events.

Technology plays a vital role in the country’s informal sector which overall contributes 50 per cent to the GDP and employs 80 per cent of the work force.

With 70 per cent of its population below the age of 25, Andela sees this as an opportunity to equip the next generation of technologists and innovators with the expertise they need to accelerate the development of their communities through technology.

Andela, which already has a presence in Nigeria and Kenya, has received more than 50, 000 applications from across 19 African countries and accepted 400 developers including both Andela Lagos and Andela Nairobi.

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