#AfricaDay: “the building of a new Africa is in our hands” – Emmanuel Egbubine’s Story

As a young boy I grew to see that beauty is not seen solely in the extraordinary but in the little ordinary things, as minute as they may be. I learnt this by watching the everyday life of the typical Nigerian; every day may not be Christmas as we say over here in Nigeria but some days turn out to be the best days of our lives and some others are forced out of the mind to be forgotten.

No doubt our Country and our Continent have borne the brunt of our forefather’s mistakes, we have stuck to the ground and made it home while others have beat the gun to reach for the stars. However we have not lost that beauty, buried beneath all the rubble of the past is a pregnant future pushing through the deafening sound of discouragement to strive for much more than what the skies have to offer.

The AshStore is the helping hand of tomorrow, the building of a new Africa is in our hands and it can be actualized. Providing expert marketing analysis, we are creating a platform where the future of the Industrial era of Nigeria and Africa as a whole can find its feet once again amongst the world powers of the Industrial world.

As a team we see the young student who makes hand-made shoes for his colleagues, the young school drop out that sews clothes for a living, the creative unemployed graduate that makes good looking cupcakes and we know that with a little push they can reach for the stars and soar through the clouds.

The AshStore provides a platform across an array of social media channels to start the conversation that leads to customers both from within and abroad to buy products from our vendors and suggest what it is they would like to see change, to make service towards them better. Our desire is not to be the most profitable market but the fastest growing interactive market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The Store does not charge for featuring our vendors and customers pay the bill for transportation. We just want young growing entrepreneurs to have an equal playing ground with brands and products that are light years ahead of them; by doing this we intend to use the wonders of social media and e-commerce technologies, to make a mark in the retail sector and for our young entrepreneurs to become employers of labor and exporters of merchandise.

We stand as a bridge to the industrial prowess for our teeming youth and in other to do that more effectively we will be launching our website in the 7th month of 2017. This site is expected to go beyond the screens of personal gadgets and reach out to the customers out there. We will revolutionize target marketing as we know it and change the Global Retail World forever. We intend to make our mark not on a national scale but on a continental and global scale.

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