1,000 SMEs in Kenya, South Africa Adopt Fibre Connectivity – SEACOM

Since the launch of SEACOM Business services for corporate customers in August 2016, connectivity and cloud-based service provider SEACOM has connected more than 1, 000 new enterprise customers in Kenya and South Africa.

SEACOM CEO Byron Claterbuck said, “Across South Africa and Kenya, we’re seeing great adoption of our fibre connectivity as well as of our private and outsourced network solutions. We have encountered enormous pent-up demand for high-speed connectivity and quality bandwidth at an affordable cost.”

The company entered new interconnect agreements with last-mile suppliers and secured wireless network access in areas without last-mile fibre to grow its reach in these countries.

To strengthen its fibre Internet access business, SEACOM acquired Photon Fibre Link in South Africa and is evaluating acquisitions of companies in urban centres in South Africa and Kenya that could increase the number of its enterprise customers.

With a business services offering ranging from Internet Access, Ethernet Services to Private Line Services and Cloud Services, SEACOM aims to provide enterprises with a smooth transition to the cloud and access to the full power of video, modern collaborative apps and other bandwidth-hungry business solutions.

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