All set for annual Rwanda Investment Forum – BDC

Rwanda entrepreneurs will this week converge in Kigali for the forthcoming annual Rwanda investment conference and expo. The conference is scheduled for April 19-21.

Patrice Habinshuti, the Business Development Centre (BDC) operational director, said the conference offers an opportunity for Rwandan entrepreneurs to meet with US investors in a view of promoting growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through foreign direct investments and access to markets. He said the meeting will attract over 300 participants from manufacturing, construction, transport, recycling, and makers of household items, as well as government officials and foreign investors.

He added that it presents local entrepreneurs a platform to network with local and international businesses and funders.

The theme for this year’s event is, “Fueling the growth of SMEs” and will discuss entrepreneurship challenges and investment opportunities in the country, among others.

Heath Cardie, an investor from the US, said during the event, ‘high potential’ entrepreneurs will be selected, and they stand a chance to receive direct funding ranging from Rwf4 million to Rwf16 million. “Small and medium enterprises are the economic engine of any economy. However, many developing nations lack a robust SMEs sector, which translates into high unemployment and low GDP per capita,” he said.

BDC is a local incubation facility that supports SME development.

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