About Ethiopia and its Prestigious Locations

By Eden Sahle –

The global most prestigious locations such as Ethiopia offer more than what any traveler has been looking for. If you are looking for inspiring travel exploration, check out Jumia Travel selections of Ethiopia’s top places to visit this time of year. It’s the ultimate epic location that will continue to bring you so much joy and charm to your memories every time you think about Ethiopia.

1. What is there not to love about Ethiopia’s natural extravaganza which combines incredible landscapes and wildlife? It’s also a country of an abundance of culture and tradition.

There are endless adventure opportunities that will keep you exploring for days on end when you head to marvelous Chebera Churchura National Park located in the western side of Omo Gibe basin.

Be sure to get dazzled with the place history and amazing creations. A place of natural terrain and dense forest being home to the magnificent lions to colorful insects Chebera Churchura National Park takes you inside the extraordinary adventure.

It’s an evergreen park best to watch lions, giraffes, monkeys, cape buffalos, elephants and leopards, over 200 bird species and hippos among others. It also has mountains which present best view of the park and relaxing hot springs which does not get cold at any time of the year.

2. If you love outdoor adventures, Ethiopia is a place to be. Delight on the appeals of the wide lakes at the sunrise and set at Lake Tana in Bahir Dar and Langano Hawassa.

There are plenty of activities here including water adventure, fishing, and cruising. The best parts of these lakes are they never get busier and chaotic allowing you to enjoy the abundance of culture originate in the distinct blend of nature and incredible unique tradition.

3. The rock antiques which are erected from giant rocks without any construction input are the gigantic precious wealth of the country. Among it’s over ten UNESCO registered natural heritages, the exceptional artistic heritages in Lalibela located in SemienWollo Zone and Aksum found in Mekele are breathtaking.

These places portray ancient civilization and advancement of Ethiopia from the late millennium B.C taking you back in time where people were thinking ahead of their time. These rock formations offer oodles of sightseeing even for the most seasoned travelers who has seen a lot in the world.

4. Ethiopia truly has a bliss of escapade from immensely gratifying trekking destinations at Semien and Ras Dashan Mountains and wildlife sanctuaries, these are few of the continent’s destinations short of nothing stunning. Exploring to the densely forested national parks takes you deep inside the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Ethiopian wolf and walia ibex, swayne’s hartebeest, lions, bush crow and white-tailed swallow, ostrich, gelada baboon, countless species of birds, zebra, gazelle and guenther’s, dik-dik are few of the wild animals you can spot. Hike up in the green mountains to witness life at its best enjoying nature and the surrounding sights. Similar kind of fabulous adventure can be repeated in Arba Minch Nechisar national park.

5. Actually, Ethiopia is the burst of a rare natural extravaganza. It has a supreme destination fondly known as Fire Lake at Erta Ale. If you like daring adventures you will enjoy making your way to Ethiopia’s active bubbling active volcano awe-inspiring Erta Ale.

It’s the only active lava lake in the world as well as the hottest place on Earth. The bubbling fire lake comes within the earth from deep 125 meters below sea level. It’s one of the rarest locations of the world where you can watch a lake of fire with fire avalanche.

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