Kenya: ‘Jumia Local’ Launched to Boost Indigenous Manufacturing

Kenyan manufacturers now have an opportunity to showcase their ‘Made in Kenya’ products on Jumia following the launch of Jumia Local in Nairobi.

Local products will now be featured prominently on the main Jumia platform and promoted through its marketing channels pegged on the slogan “Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya’ and distinctively branded with a Jumia Local logo to allow customers make their choice.

“We believe manufacturing in Kenya brings great benefits to the country. Through this program we seek to support the entrepreneurs who are investing in Kenya by clearly labelling their products, thus giving customers the chance of buying local consciously,” Jumia Local Project Manager Abigail Bundi commented.

Among the benefits to Jumia Local vendors will be reduced commissions, round the clock training and support from Jumia’s vendor management team.

Products already listed on the Jumia Local online store range from fashion, home and living, to electronics and consumables from some of Kenya’s leading brands including Chandaria Industries, Tropical Heat, Bata and Darling Hair.

Noting the impact Jumia Local will have on Kenya businesses, Phyllis Wakiaga, CEO, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) said KAM is working on having as many products listed by the manufacturing sector on the e-retailer and to “encourage a culture of buying Kenyan to build Kenya through Jumia and to brand local products for the international market”.

Jumia Local is expected to enable manufacturers expand nationally, present customers with a vast and unique selection of products as well as instill pride of locally-made products in Kenyans.

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