Energy: Kenya Receives €180m EU Grant to Connect More Households

A financial package worth 180 million Euros from various European institutions has been granted to Kenya Power to enable the public utility company connect more households in Kenya to the national electricity network under the country’s Last Mile Connectivity initiative.

It includes 90 million Euros in soft loans from the French Development Agency (AFD); 60 million Euros from the European Investment Bank (EIB); and a 30 million Euros grant from the European Union (EU).

The initiative helps ensure that the national power grid reaches as many households as possible and that ordinary Kenyans have direct access to more affordable and reliable electricity supplies, Footprint to Africa reports.

According EU Ambassador Stefano Dejak, the EU is supporting the initiative with this major grant as necessary investments are not always commercially attractive.

It is estimated that the funds will enable 300, 000 new connections in 32 counties where AFD has financed extensions of the grid mainly in the sparsely- populated northern and eastern areas of Kenya.

“The efforts of the Kenyan Government have led to an unprecedented number of new citizens accessing electricity each year,” French Ambassador Antoine Sivan said, acknowledging the revolution in the field of electricity access in Kenya.

The Government has been promoting mini-grids and off-grid electricity access solutions under different programmes in areas not connected to the national grid.

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