Ethiopia: President Mulatu hails women’s role in sustaining development

Ethiopian President Dr. Mulatu Teshome has lauded the role that women have played in the country’s economic growth registered for more than a decade.

While opening the general assembly of the Ethiopian Women’s Federation here Saturday, the President said that women have been playing crucial role in realization of the development goals of the country.

To maintain this role and improving their involvement in the socio-economic and political frontiers, a lot is expected from women associations in all levels, the President said.

Associations need to give due attention to improve involvement of women in all sectors particularly in agriculture and industry sectors, he added.

Women are striving to become successful in every sector by discharging their responsibilities, he said. He mentioned their unwavering efforts in improving production and productivity as a showcase.

He urged that women are expected to expand these efforts and play crucial role in the realization of transforming the country’s agrarian economy to industrialized one.

The role of women’s associations in helping women engage in economic activities and benefit from development endeavors that the nation has been carried out is crucial.

Lauding the contribution of women in the industry and other sectors, President Mulatu highlighted the importance for more women involvement.

Minister of Women and Children Affairs, Demitu Hambisa on her part emphasized the need for women to work together to sustain the ongoing development and improve their benefits.

Acknowledging that women’s participation is significant to realize development in all aspects, Demitu urged the importance to improve their involvement in the development of the country.

President of the Ethiopian Women’s Federation Azeb Mesfin said activities have been undertaken to benefit women in all spheres over the past years.

Activities carried out in the social, political and economic areas underway over the past years have benefited many women, she said.

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