Ecobank Rwanda Mobile App to Boost cashless economy

Ecobank Rwanda has launched a new mobile application that will enhance their customers banking experiences.

The new App also enables customers to open a new digital account with no more than a few clicks, with no paper references.

According to Alice Kalonzo Zulu, the Managing Director Ecobank Rwanda, the App leverages the power of technology to conveniently deliver instant services.

“With the Ecobank Mobile App, Ecobank customers can now make and receive instant payments across 33 African countries on their mobile devices. They can also pay in store with their mobile phones. This is genuine convenience delivered to our consumers,” Kalonzo said.

With the application Rwandans will be able to send and receive money across 33 African countries.

Ecobank is one of Africa’s largest banks with a strong foot-hold in more than 30 African countries.

The Bank considers that App as one of the key tools needed to achieve its target of attaining 100 million customers in a profitable and sustainable way.

“The Ecobank Mobile App opens up opportunities for customers by allowing them to shop, transact and do business without cash. At scale, this will be transformational for Africa,” said Steven Kalisa, the head of electronic banking at Ecobank Rwanda.

Through its purchasing power and Ecobank’s partnerships with Visa and Mastercard, the Ecobank Mobile App will be an accepted means of payment, Kalisa said. He added that the product fulfils the Bank’s promise to create relevant solutions for consumers and boost Rwanda’s efforts to become a cashless economy.

Last year, the pan African bank unveiled Rai Money transfer services to boost efficiency across the country.

This particular transfer service is well known for offering safe and secure money transfer across the globe with over 28700 locations in more than 147 countries.

Sector players are confident the introduction of efficient services is a great step forwards towards achieving financial inclusion.

Both Ecobank Rwanda and Western Union launched the account based money transfer (ABMT) service to help boost efficiency and competitiveness of money transfer services in the country.

The idea is in line with the bank’s desire to enable customers, especially those using retail Internet banking, access to Western Union services without necessarily going to the bank or any other Western Union outlets.

Therefore the new mobile platform is being seen by experts as another milestone towards enhancing financial inclusion.

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