Aviation in Africa: a burgeoning industry

Image by Fabio Berti

“Travelers are increasingly demanding reliable connectivity that gives them more control over their travel experience and expands their options for on-the-go travel purchases.” This is according to a report by CellPoint Mobile – which provides payment solutions to airlines, which further indicates that 90% of travelers prefer using mobile devices to search for their flights.

In this backdrop, companies are seeking to provide travelers with comprehensive services; with the latest being the introduction of flights by Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading Online Travel Agency. The move aims at boosting the company’s services reach to all its customers in Africa and across the world. The launch comes at a time when the second African Aviation Summit is taking place in Kigali, Rwanda on 22-23 February. The two day conference will address major challenges and opportunities for the growth of the African aviation industry, which is constitutive element of the economic growth of Africa.

“It’s a new step for us as we aim to be the leading African Online Travel Agency, providing best customer experience for the travelers. It is also part of our broader program to create a one stop travel shop providing accommodation, packages, and flights all on the same platform, in a bid to streamline travel in Africa,” said Paul Midy – CEO of Jumia Travel.


According to the OTA’s boss, the flights will be provided in collaboration with various partners among them Amadeus. This will enable access to both domestic and international airlines including Kenya Airways, Rwandair Express, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, and Turkish Airlines among others. “The service enables our customers to find, compare, and book flights, as well as buy air tickets online with ease from various Airline companies across the world,” he asserted.

Accounting for only 3% of the world’s air traffic, aviation in Africa portrays massive potential for growth in the coming years, especially due to the increasing demand from the rising middle class and the growing African economies.

Travel and tourism stakeholders are now capitalizing on the aviation market that is progressively driving hospitality demand in the continent. The International Air Transport Association (IATA’) predicts a strong growth of 4.8% in passenger numbers in Africa in the next 5 years.

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