Africa is Our Land – Let Us Unite

Even though I am aware that a billion well worded articles on the problems and issues at hand does not a peaceful Africa make, I feel that I must draw attention to the very unsettling fact that we as Africans have time and again let the petty malice of the small minded and ultimately weak ignite hate and murderous intent in the minds of the strong to do their bidding even to the detriment of this our land, Africa.

The easiest way to get answers is blame. This has become the African way and to think of it, always has been; be it our economy, our health and even our own mistakes. We place blame so much so that we confuse mere unfounded assumptions and our own irrational fears for TRUTH!

We do not seek to make ourselves great, to help one another. We do not seek progress in any one and not even in ourselves. We are a people so comfortable with the label “VICTIM” that we are ruled by fear, anger and shame.

Seth Adam smith brilliantly wrote: “Abandon the idea that you will forever be the victim of the things that have happened to you. Choose to be a victor.”

This is by no means an opportunity for those who read in the comfort of their homes to feel superior in ways of thinking. This is meant to ignite a passion for change in how we treat one another and most importantly ourselves. How we treat others is a direct reflection of the measure of our own self value, how we perceive ourselves.

Let us unite, let us work together to make this continent great once more. We must STOP seeking the destruction and demise of our fellow Africans and if we must compete with one another, let it be over the growth and development of our lands. We only waste our time if we shame ourselves for not measuring up to the western world. We must seek to understand ourselves and our home.

As Africans we must banish the ignorance that has plagued us for generations and arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding of our true value and take pride in who we are; Enough to see that unnecessary blood shed does not serve to make us great, but rather keeps us in the shackles that we have with our own hands forged for ourselves.

I truly believe that Africa is great and we can make it so; we only have to realize that her fate lies in our hands as does the power to make it so. We must realize that no one will solve our problems for us and so we must rise above hate, anger, petty jealousy and qualities that do not serve to move us forward. This is our home; let us treat it and each other with the love and respect we deserve.

Written by Peace Edogun

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