Ethiopia: Nation Expects $940 Million From Coffee Export

Ethiopia has set a goal of securing 940 million USD exporting 241,000 tonnes of coffee this year.

In a recent briefing, Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Development and Marketing Authority Director General Sani Redi said modernizing coffee value chain, employing IT assisted export control system and improving Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) capacity are fundamental tasks being carried out to hit the target.

According to him, the Authority is expecting 702,000 tones of coffee production this year. “Increased attention has been given to the promotion of separate brands of Ethiopian coffee,” he added.

He noted that the volume of export planned for the year would make the country second coffee exporting country next to Brazil.

The EU is the primary Ethiopian market accounting for 60 percent of coffee export while Germany, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan and Belgium are among the major destinations.

Source: All Africa

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