Rwanda to Host major African Cancer Conference

The conference, scheduled for November 7 to 10, is a major forum in the cancer community in Africa as it brings together multidisciplinary specialists from the world to discuss how best to reduce the impact of cancer on the continent.

The four-day-conference will serve as a platform for presentation of latest research, sharing of expertise and information to aid in cancer management and research in Africa.

Dr Christian Ntizimira, of Rwanda Palliative and Hospice Care Organisation, and a member of the education and training committee in cancer of AORTIC, said this is a huge opportunity for Rwanda, especially in terms of advancement for health sector.

“We are excited about the opportunity; this will benefit the country in different areas. There will be a chance to exchange experiences in terms of fighting cancer, we will have the chance to have so many experts on cancer control and treatment from all over the world, we will exchange our experiences and also be able to extend our networking and partnership,” Dr Ntizimira told The New Times.

AORTIC is an African based NGO that is dedicated to the promotion of cancer control and palliation in Africa for over 25 years.

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