IFC Launches Marketing Tool for Africa’s Off-Grid Energy Solutions

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has launched the Off-Grid Market Opportunity Tool to develop off-grid energy in sub-Saharan Africa.

The online database will aid companies, governments, development agencies, academics and civil society in accessing the potential market for off-grid energy solutions.

Global Head of IFC’s Cross-Cutting Advisory Solutions Milagros Rivas said the platform is part of IFC’s ongoing efforts to help distributed energy service companies (DESCOs) operating in sub-Saharan Africa to close the energy gap in the region.

With more than one billion people lacking access to electricity worldwide, off-grid technologies and business models have emerged as part of the solution to closing the energy access gap.

The Off-Grid Market Opportunity Tool assesses market potential and provides data on characteristics and key attributes, allowing project developers and policy-makers to scale up off-grid initiatives.

It builds on open geospatial data to provide a broad overview on markets for off-grid electrification based on various parameters with the open source software allowing users to improve on its functions by building on the code.

More accurate results can also be produced by exporting analyses generated by the tool and combining them with other data.

The geographical focus of the marketing tool which is currently limited to sub-Saharan Africa may be expanded in the future.

The database can be accessed at https://energydata.info

Source: Footprint to Africa

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