Ghana plans to Establish first Regional Eco-park

Ghana is making progress to establish the first Eco-park in West Africa to attract tourists into the country.

The first phase of the project, situated within the Achimota Forest zone in the Greater Accra region, is expected to commence in 2018 following the new law on wildlife conservation in 2012.

Nii Osah Mills, the Lands and Natural Resources Minister,  said the project will lead to a massive economic boost in other sub-sectors within the tourism industry.

“We have such parks in southern and Eastern Africa but we do not have some in West Africa. So when we have the facility, people will be attracted to Ghana; it will be a magnet to rake in revenue, flights, tour guides, food and hospitality industry among others,” he stated.

Mr. Osah Mills added that Ghana has signed agreements with investors to facilitate the take off of the project.

On the side, Ghana is hoping to complete the processes to list the Mole National Park as a World Heritage Site by July 2017. UNESCO did an evaluation of the site and will be giving a final verdict in Poland.

The country has already listed Lake Bosomtwe as a world biosphere reserve and looking ahead to list the Akwamu Gorge as a World Heritage Site to protect the white-necked Picathartes (type of birds) that are endangered when their habitats are destroyed.

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