Top 7 most spectacular Lakes in Africa

Africa is endowed with numerous natural resources including oil & gas, forests, wildlife, and massive water bodies including some of the most stunningly beautiful lakes in the world. From crystal-clear waters that give mirror-like reflections to hypnotic ripples whose effect create an amazing allure, here are spectacular lakes in Africa to float and sail.

Lake Tanganyika

Despite its breath-taking scenery, Lake Tanganyika is a glamorous source of pride for four African countries; Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ranked the longest freshwater and the second deepest lake in the world at 4,710 feet only after Lake Baikal in Russia, its extensive horizon is a stunning view to behold. Its age and diversity has contributed to the evolution of numerous and unique aquatic life, with over 350 species of fish said to inhabit the lake. For adventure buffs, Lake Tanganyika offers several classic activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing among others.

Lake Nakuru

Its surface is covered by pink flamingos (attributed to the abundance of algae) that make a spectacularly inexplicable aura and a paradise for photographers. Lake Nakuru is protected by Lake Nakuru National Park and is found on Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. It also boasts strikingly beautiful surrounding escarpment and scenic crests, so stunning and soothing to any traveler. The natural beauty is complemented by the wildlife in its nearby habitation.

Lake Bogoria

If you thought you had enough of Flamingos without seeing another of Kenya’s pride, Lake Bogoria, think again. Nothing can beat the views of pink in the backdrop of a green flora and fauna. The lake is most popular for its striking geysers, hot springs that are a tourist attraction. Lake Bogoria Resort & Spa is among the many accommodation options available for those taking their sweet time to enjoy the splendid lakeside vacation.

Lake Naverone

South Africa’s Lake Naverone is an irresistible water body whose charisma is drawn from its consummate serenity. It is in the Southern Drakensberg and offers amazingly breathtaking vacation sites and numerous lodges and cottages within its surrounding.

Lake Assal

Is Djibouti in your travel bucket list and you are wondering which destinations to visit once in the country? Lake Assal is one spot you will not want to miss out, as it’s shallow depth creates a geologic wonder. The Lake is one of the hottest places on earth with temperatures reaching a high of 50°C during the day. The solid salt bed evaporates extremely creating a photogenic beauty.

Lake Retba

A first-time visitor to Lake Retba also known as Lac Rose in the north of the Cap Vert peninsula in Senegal, will be taken to a great adventure by the vividly pink color especially during the dry season between November and June. The color is the result of  the lake’s high salt content which attracts the Dunaliella salina bacteria, that produces a red pigment. The Pink Lake of Senegal is truly unique to the  the African continent.

Lake Bunyonyi

A boat ride in the refreshing beautiful Lake Bunyonyi which is also known as ‘place of many little birds’ is beyond fascinating. Located south west of Uganda and close to the Rwandan Border between the districts of Kabale and Kisoro, Lake Bunyonyi is enclosed by opulent green hills. Its 29 islands strewn across the lake are made of different sizes and shapes makes a magical view to behold.

Credit: Josephine Wawira, Jumia Travel

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