Ghana Industries Urged to Consider Mergers

James Asare-Adjei,  President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), has urged local industries to partner both foreign and local to enhance their technical capacity.

He noted that the move will ensure the needed impact to boost business growth.

“We are looking at being able to even take advantage in terms of partnerships and the strategic growth direction. So we think that we should try and focus attention and try and help businesses to focus on other areas of capacity building,” he said.

According to Footprint to Africa, he stated that building the capacity of local industries will also help them to be competitive and profitable.

Mr Asare-Adjei  maintained that more Ghanaian businesses will be in the position to take on big projects if they build their capacities to match international standards.

“We must work together as local businesses such that it will not be small businesses doing their own thing. In the end, we don’t have that needed impact but then we would be able to come together in partnerships, in joint ventures and create a bigger platform so that our impact will be felt,” he appealed.

Mr. Asare-Adjei stated that mergers will not only enhance the financial capacity of companies, but will also expand their reach compete internationally.

He urged businesses to place equal emphasis on their financial and labour techniques to ensure a sustainable growth in production.

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