Benin Rice Institute Develops New Technology to Boost Yield

The African Rice Institute based in Republic of Benin has announced a new Android technology aid for increasing rice yield and profitability.

Introducing the technology to farmers in Kebbi State, Nigeria recently, an agronomist in the institute, Mr Ahouanton Koko, pointed out that the technology has in-built software that can give instant answers that will aid reduction in fertiliser usage and increased rice yield.

The technology enables farmers get instant answers on sowing methods and crop duration on android tablets without the aid of the internet.

The field day enlightenment programme for the Kebbi state farmers was organised by the Comparative Agricultural Rice Initiative (CARI) in collaboration with Kebbi Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (KARDA) and the institute.

Koko who described the new technological innovation to the farmers, said 25 extension agents had been trained to interview 25,000 farmers while the information obtained from them would be relayed to the Android.

He said; “It has been observed that if the farmer adopts the method , he stands a chance of getting 20 per cent increase in yield depending on the size of the farm.’’

Earlier in his address, the Programme Manager of KARDA, Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi, had commended the initiative of using modern methods to help farmers increase rice yield.

Sanusi, who expressed his happiness that the state was taking the lead in agricultural production, commended the state government for improving the sector.

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