Angola Moves to Eliminate International Trade Barriers

Angolan Minister of Commerce Fiel Domingos Constantino, on Thursday in Luanda, said that the Government is creating institutional support mechanisms and search for solutions to overcome the technical hindrances, with a view to facilitating the international trade.

Fiel Domingos said so at the opening of the 2nd forum “Internationalisation is to grow,” organized by the Angolan Exporting and Internationalised Companies Community (CEEIA), as part of its third anniversary.

The official said that the present time requires that the country has companies with productive capacity, know-how, acquired sensitivity and innovative way to expand the opportunities, benefits and the availability to internationalise and export the services and products.

He added that this initiative can enable the country  to be in the forefront of international ranks, being CEEIA, one of the responsible for this process.

The official added that the Executive approved the strategy to tackle the crisis amid economic situation by increasing the domestic production and exports as well as creating jobs and reducing hunger and poverty.

Quoting National Statistics Institute data regarding the first quarter of 2016, the minister said that the total value of exports dropped by about 1.3 percent.

In the same period, he said, the imports decreased by 34.7 percent.

The main markets for exports of domestic products during above period include China with 49.6 percent, India (7.5%), US (5.7%), Portugal (4.4 percent) and South Africa (4.3%).

As for the imports, the main partners in this period were China with 15.4 percent, Portugal (14.4%), US (9.4%), Brazil (05%), South Africa and Singapore with 4.2 percent each.

In his turn, the deputy governor of Luanda, José Cerqueira, who was welcoming the participants,  said the event is an excellent initiative aimed to promote the internationalisation of the economy, at a time Angola is committed to its diversification.

The second forum of CEEIA focuses primarily on the challenges, opportunities and outlook the diversification of the Angolan economy and the dynamics of globalisation offer as a room for participation and intervention for domestic entrepreneurs.

Created in 2013, CEEIA is tasked with supporting domestic exporters and internationalised companies, foster a higher level business for the national economy.‎

Source: Footprint to Africa

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