Angola joins Elite League of Financial Markets

The business environment in Angola witnessed a significant transformation on Tuesday, with the opening of the Stock Exchange of Angola and the launch of the Central Securities Market of Angola (CEVAMA), Footprint to Africa reports.

This will further provide adequate legal security and secure legitimate trust of those who invest and who are financed.

According to the Minister of Finance, Archer Mangueira, who chaired the opening ceremony of the Stock Exchange Market and the launch of CEVAMA, said that with these two instruments, any citizen will now have access to Public debt.

“This time, anyone who has any savings can now create their portfolio of Treasury Securities, using the services of the Angola Debt and Stock Exchange (BODIVA) and their brokerage agents,” said the Finance Minister.

According to Archer Mangueira, for the state, which always has to be financed, the market for Treasury Bills has many advantages, including the remuneration of household savings.‎

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