Beautiful sunsets in Africa that will blow your mind

A sunset is one of those intangible things that make us upbeat in our connections. It is often associated with romance and in other instances with the end of something. It is a ray of hope, that today’s worries are gone and a brighter tomorrow awaits us. For Mattie Stepanek, “Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second”.

Here are 5 beautiful sunsets in Africa (in no particular order) that will leave you in awe.

Cape Town, South Africa

Credit: SMCT

Imagine stumbling into this view on the shores of the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. Chances are that the hypnotizing effect is likely to make you forget you were en route to some other place.



Even the birds of the air enjoy this heavenly sunset that is a mixture of orange and red, giving it a sweltering look. What then would stop you from enjoying such a rare sight?

Bojo Beach, Ghana

Credit: Bell Africana Digest
Credit: Bell Africana Digest

After a day‘s hard work, there is nothing more comforting for a fisherman in Bojo Beach, Ghana, than to row their boat under the reflection of a beautiful sunset. Then, they would forget their weariness and anticipate a relaxed evening, enjoying their hard earned meal.



You probably have watched Madagascar; I am talking about the cartoon. The beautiful sunsets in this country are probably one of the many reasons this animation was shot in the island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. Combined with leisurely beaches and reefs, the feeling of infinity is what you will no doubt get here.



Indulge yourself in this breathtaking view of a sunset flowing into the blissful blue of Victoria Falls in Zambia. There is nothing better than watching this with your significant other; it will get you lost in the world of wild romance and adventure, leaving an unforgettable memory to cherish forever.

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