Tanzania Plans New Cities to Boost Economy

Nehemiah Mchechu.

Tanzania’s National Housing Corporation (NHC) Director General, Mr Nehemiah Mchechu said on Sunday that his organization is looking forward to strengthen the country’s economy and boost businesses through the establishment of satellite cities in the country.

He said the establishment of satellite cities will enable majority Tanzanians to engage in various economic activities in conducive environment. So far, NHC is continuing with plans to build satellite cities in Arusha and Dar es Salaam.

He said for Dar es Salaam residents, the establishment of Kawe satellite city will enable them to engage in economic activities for 24 hours. At the moment, according to Mr Mchechu, Dar es Salaam residents operate only 10 hours a day in economic related activities.

“We must move from one point to another, today Dar es Salaam operate only for 10 hours, but with satellite cities, we will be able to operate for 24 hours, this will probably improve our economy,” he said.

He said satellite cities enable smooth movement of people and thus it is easier for them to participate in production around the clock.

Mr Mchechu says development of satellite cities would ensure the current problems, which many people experience in congested urban centres are minimised if not eliminated altogether. “So far I can say that we are on the right track, things will change in the 50 years to come,” he said.

He said satellite cities are most important in transforming the country’s economy and that Tanzanians must get ready to absorb opportunities. On the improvement of construction sector, Mr Mchechu said the public need to understand the meaning and importance of the sector.

He said many people define construction sector with bricks and cement bags, but in wide understanding the sector means the whole financial system.

“Construction sector is all about whole financial system, it involves many things which are linked to money circulation,” he said. He said the poor performance in the construction sector was one among major causes of the 2008 World economic crisis.

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