Kenya Red Cross Society partners Connectik to break Guinness World Record “Tree Challenge”

Connectik, a multitier social network platform and app, announced that its platform is being used by the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and Government of Kenya, in an attempt to plant 5 million trees in one hour, which will double the standing Guinness World Record of 2.3 million.

Otherwise known as the “Tree Challenge,” the event reflects the flourishing partnership between the Kenyan government and the KRCS. The KRCS’s new app—built using the enterprise collaboration platform from Connectik—will allow organizers to coordinate the logistics of thousands of staffers, who will plant the trees at a pace of over 80,000 per minute. Additionally, the trees will be donated and paid for through the app.

Connectik’s technology allows companies to create a social network with their customers, staff and business partners, while serving as an internal collaboration and productivity tool. The KRCS app has been able to boost internal productivity and community engagement, while also expanding and improving their services. For the Tree Challenge, the KRCS unveil their “Adopt-a-Tree” feature to enable users to participate in the conservation and restoration of the environment. Users are able to purchase trees online, which will be planted in designated areas throughout Kenya.

The trees planted during the Tree Challenge will all be ecologically suitable to their local environment as part of a larger movement to add forestation to Kenya, also spearheaded by KRCS and the government’s Sustainable Environment Restoration Program. Kenya’s current forest cover falls below the global convention of 12-16% and, with increasing poverty, demand for arable land and rapid population growth, the situation is deemed to get worse. As an integral piece of Kenya Vision 2030, the forestation initiative is seeking to rapidly combat these problems by planting 2.5 billion trees and wood shrubs within the next four years. The new trees will help negate desertification, guarantee water supply, boost food security and improve livelihood by conserving water catchments.

“We are thrilled by our success with the Kenya Red Cross Society and the improvements our technology is bringing to people’s lives,” said Hachim Badji, CEO of Connectik.  “The Tree Challenge is another great example of how technology, socially minded organizations and government can come together to solve a variety of Kenya’s challenges.”

“We are constantly striving to improve the lives of all Kenyans,” said Dr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of the Kenya Red Cross Society. “Our partnership with Connectik has been invaluable in making us more productive, while making our services more accessible to those in need.  The dynamic capabilities they built into our app is what makes us confident we will be able to not only set the Guinness World Record, but to make a lasting change in our country.”

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