Ethiopia to continue playing leading role in fight against climate change – Premier

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has said his country will continue to play a leading role in the fight against global climate change.

The Premier told United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Executive Director Erik Solheim, yesterday, that the country had been paying due attention to the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy and Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) in order to curb the adverse effects of climate change.

According to FBC, the country is striving to become a low carbon economy by 2030.

Hailemariam called on UNEP to further assist Ethiopia on technical areas, environmental policy drafting and chemical waste management during the discussion.

Erik Solheim, on his part, pledged to fully support Ethiopia’s countrywide waste management in general and that of the capital city in particular.

He stressed that UNEP is determined to fully support the country’s environmental strategies, particularly in waste management which is one of the major challenges of Africa.

During the discussion he had with the PM, the executive director said the country has one of the most ambitious strategies with respect to climate change.

Solheim stated that he has “discussed special economic scenes of Ethiopia with the Prime Minister; and it sets a fantastic example for the rest of Africa.”

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