Ethiopia to Build six Power Dams within the next Four Years

The construction of six hydroelectric power dams, which could generate more than 4,000 MW, will be commenced within the coming four years, the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has said. 

The power projects are parts of the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II), Engineer Azeb Asnake, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EEP, told FBC.

With installed capacity of 254MW, the Genale dam will begin power generation at the end of 2009 EC. The 260 million US dollars dam has reached at more than 80 percent completion status, she said.

An agreement has been signed to begin the construction of Geba 1 and 2 power dams. Both dams could generate a total of 372 WM. The construction of the dams will be launched when the required fund is obtained, according to the CEO.

Genale 5 and 6, Tekeze 2, Birbir and Debus are the other dams that will be built in GTP-II. Preparation has been launched to begin the construction of 246MW Genale 6 dam, she said.

According to Azeb, all construction cost of the power dams will be covered by the government.

In addition to the new power dams, power plants whose construction began in the first GTP will be finalized in this plan period, she said.

Once completed, the power plants could supply 10,000MW to the national electric grid; thereby increasing the country’s electricity installed generating capacity to 15,000MW.

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