Ethiopia Earns over $275M from Horticulture

Ethiopia has earned 275.45 million US dollars from the export of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs in the concluded Ethiopian fiscal year, the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency said.

Flower export took the lion’s share of the income, generating 225 million US dollars, said Mekonnen Hailu, Public Relations Coordination Head of the Agency. Vegetables, fruits and herbs fetched the remaining 50 million US dollars.

According to Mekonnen, the country exported over 49,000 tonnes of rose and summer flowers, 714.5 million stems of flower and 166,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to Europe, North America, Middle and Far East as well as to Africa and other countries.

The income generated in the concluded period exceeded by 10.7 percent compared to the previous fiscal year due to government’s incentives which inspired local investors and foreign companies to export more products, he said.

About 130 companies are currently engaged in horticulture development in Ethiopia, he noted.

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