Ethiopia: Addis Ababa to get 500 buses, over 1,000 taxis next year

About 500 new city buses and more than 1,000 taxis will join Addis Ababa’s transport sector next Ethiopian new year, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Transport (MoT).

Minister of Transport, Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, gave a press conference, Thursday, on last year’s performance, his ministry and its plan for this Ethiopian budget year.

In order to tackle transport problem in the capital, about 500 buses and 1, 120 taxis will be added next year, said the Minister.

The government has provided more than 1.5 billion birr loan to investors to purchase the vehicles. The vehicles are arriving home and will begin rendering service next year, he noted.

Speaking on last year’s performance, the Minister said upgrading works of bus stations were carried out across the country to improve access to transport service.

As a result of the efforts made in the past, the country is now capable of carrying up to 17,000 tonnes of goods from ports per day, he said.

Ethiopian airlines transported 7.2 million foreign and 6.4 million domestic passengers in the concluded budget year, he said.

According to Dr Workneh, his ministry also terminated agreements of two local and two foreign road contractors due to problems associated with quality and delay in the execution of road projects.

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