Zimbabwean Government Guarantees Citizens Sufficient Power Supply until 2018

The Zimbabwean government has reassured its citizens that it has put a number of systems in place to guarantee sufficient power supply until 2018, ESI Africa reports.

According to local media, the country’s director for policy and planning in the ministry of energy and power development, Benson Munyaradzi, stated that there would be sufficient power supply leading to 2018. He based this forecast on some of the projects that are almost complete.

Munyaradzi said: “Going forward we don’t anticipate power shortages up to 2018 due to a number of power projects which we are carrying out. We are actually going to have a surplus of power.

“Government has put in place long-term and short-term measures targeted at increasing power generation in the country.”

The minister made note of the short-term measures, referring to the utilisation of diesel generators, such as the Dema project, scheduled for opening in two weeks’ time. The project is expected to produce 100MW, which will feed into the national grid.

Munyaradzi also noted that although there are efforts to upsurge power generation, power demand had declined from a peak of 2,200MW in 1996 to between 1,300 to 1,500MW. The ministry has attributed the decline in peak demand to efficient use of power by stakeholders.

“There is a decline in demand for power especially among major consumers in the mining, agricultural and manufacturing sector.

“We have to revise our demand projections on the medium term up to 2018 by 200MW,” he said.

Munyaradzi added: “The Kariba expansion project is now at 45% complete and the first unit is going to be commissioned in 2018. We are on schedule and after completion we will get 300MW extra from Kariba.

“As a ministry we have some policy interventions that we are making that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals mainly focusing on power. We have started working on the SDG targets through a UN project called Sustainable Energy for All and we are creating the action agenda expected to be completed in 2018.”

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