Tanzania wants more Industrial Growth

The Government of Tanzania has said that it will continue to pursue its quest to attain industrial development through the context of Tanzania Development Vision 2025. 

This will be done through the putting up of an internationally competitive business environment to make the country an industrial and logistics hub for the Eastern and Central African region.

“The Government of Tanzania Government is committed to working with the private sector, current and new investors, to grow the country together and welcomed more European investors to Tanzania,” Elli Pallangyo, Assistant Director in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investments said.

Over 60 private sector CEOs, colleagues from diplomatic missions and representatives of the Government of Tanzania Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment and the Tanzania National Business Council attended the workshop.

Raymond Mbilinyi, Executive Secretary of the Tanzania National Business Council reaffirmed the fifth phase Government commitment under the leadership of H.E. Dr. John Magufuli towards private sector development through improving the business and investment environment.

“Also the Executive Secretary elaborated country’s plan for industrialization in the next five years and encourage the private sector play an active role on industrial development for national economic growth,” Mbilinyi said.

Ms. Rose Blackie, EUBG Executive Director gave thanks to the invaluable support from the Tanzanian National Business Council, and to the members of the EUBG who have committed to working with TNBC in identifying areas for change which are needed to support more incoming investors and for existing ones to expand and grow.

The event marked an important step towards an active working relationship and dialogue between the European Union (EU), private sector and the Government of Tanzania, demonstrating the commitment from both parties to work together to create a stronger economy.

The paramount objective of becoming a Middle Income Country by 2025 has led the Government of Tanzania to devote priority to recent discoveries in the gas sector, also scale up investments in the transport infrastructure and energy in order to improve country’s competitiveness and openness to international trade, and look to agriculture to create jobs.

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