Tanzania Kicks Off Enlightening Business Trade Fair

The Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) will take advantage of the 40th Nyerere International Trade Fair that kicks off today to educate the mass on proper procedures to formalize business.
The Agency’s Director General, Mr Frank Kanyusi said in Dar es Salaam that apart from providing such education, Brela would use the opportunity to help people register business names, companies and issue industrial certificates online.
“This will be a great opportunity for people to be informed and register what they want to register,” he noted. He said instead of using normal three days to register online, people who will be served at the trade fair will use only one day.
He explained that formalising business helps the government to know those businesses, expand the country’s tax base, and hence strengthen the capacity of government to serve her citizens.
“The agency is well prepared to educate and serve all who will need our services,” he noted. To simplify procedures and services, payments for service rendered will be made through mobile phones and banks.
He also called upon owners of companies to present returns reports and audited reports as end of the year nears. Also, according to Mr.Kanyusi, owners of companies should sign a special form as a way to take part in the fight of corruption and all unethical things.
The form, inaugurated on August 14 last year, should be signed by chief executives of companies and institutions from the private sector and sent to Brela for another signature on the part of the government.

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