Kagame: Why Rwanda chose to ‘think big’

President Paul Kagame this Monday met thousands of youth representatives in a session dubbed #MeetThePresident where he challenged them of not being contented with just being young, but rather use their youth to prepare a better tomorrow.

The event that was held at Petit Stade in Remera, marked the end of a two-week civic education programme, Itorero, for the group called Inkomezamihigo,  where the Head of State urged the youth to always be mindful of their role in building a nation.

“They called us a small failed state. But we refused to fail. We refused to be small. We are not small. Choosing not to be small has a price. You will have to spend sleepless nights; work hard and nobody will thank you for that. I am asking you to make one clear choice… being big is where we belong,” he told the youth.

The president, who was accompanied by the minister of youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana, also advised the youth to commit to take ownership of transforming the country.

“The moment you believe that you are better off being taught who you should be, you have lost your worth and your dignity. We want to see you strive to learn, to contribute (and) to play your part in this country because it belongs to you. You must be committed to investing in yourself and to playing your part.”

Kagame also had an interactive session with the youth leaders where they asked questions and shared ideas.

The President emphasized that youth should not take being youth for granted but instead strive to learn, contribute and play a part in the country’s development as it belongs to them.

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