Ethiopia and Sudan Agree to Implement Cooperation Projects

Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to implement cooperation projects which includes establishing economic zones and free markets among the two countries, 2 Merkato reports.

A joint technical economic committee between Ethiopia and Sudan met in Port-Sudan city and agreed on the importance of facilitating flow of free and preferential trade between the countries. They also agreed to facilitate customs procedures from one location and establish joint force that will combat contraband.

The committee also reviewed ways to issue certificates of origin for commodities moving between Ethiopia and Sudan, whether imported or exported, agreeing on importance of facilitating the movement of the citizens between the two countries, provided that it is to be government with organized procedures to control illegal migration.

Sudan’s State Minister for Finance Abdul-Rahman Dirar, who also chaired the Sudanese side to the meetings, commenting on the development, said the meeting was important since it will boost investment and facilitate trade between the two neighboring countries.

He added that banking facilities would also enhance movement of capitals and banking transfers.

According to the State Minister, the committee agreed on the importance of using both Ethiopia’s and Sudan’s currencies for settling the financial and commercial transactions between them.

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