Kenya Hosts Plans to Boost Power, Irrigation

Makueni County, Kenya is set to construct a 40 Megawatt solar plant. Upon completion, the plant will give life-changing power to a larger portion of Kenyans, growing the grid from around just 5.9 percent of the population with access to constant power to around 40 percent of the population.
The photovoltaic plant will be erected in Kavuko in Kilome sub-county and will see a positive connection to the national grid.
This could be transformational for Kenya. Photovoltaics refer to the name of a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect, a phenomenon commonly studied in physics, photochemistry and electrochemistry.
The blueprint calls for the expansion of surface area covered by irrigation schemes to 10,000 hectares through the use of existing upgrades and new plans. This is bound to benefit the county which is predominantly agricultural with 78 percent of households relying on it for income.
“The county will also construct six major dams, each 10 million cubic meters, one for each sub- county complete with treatment plants, storage and distribution network,” said a spokesperson for the county.
Each dam will have capacity to serve 5,000 households and a minimum irrigation area of 500 hectares.
The progressive plans include provisions that will see the divide of the county into five economic zones. Each zone will purportedly serve a specific function. For instance, Wote town will be the administrative centre while Makindu town will serve as a cultural zone.
The plans are nearing implementation phase and when deployed, could mean the rise of Kenya as a serious contender in the global markets.

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