Ghana to Become a Hub for Manufacturing

A new subsidiary of the Groupe Nduom, GN Electronics, was launched to assemble quality electronic gadgets in the country, Footprint to Africa reports.

Through a pre-recorded video, the Group’s President Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, at the launch, said the company is dedicated to championing the made in Ghana agenda. They intend to provide employment opportunities to youths who have the technical know-how but do not have the platform to showcase their talents.

The company since July 2015, assembles set-top boxes and decoders but have progressed into the assembly of television sets off-grid energy system to its products. The company, which began operations in July 2015 with the assembly of set-top boxes and decoders, have added the assembly of television sets and off-grid energy systems to its products.

“GN electrical is dedicated to bringing to the Ghanaian market products that it assembled in Ghana, and then plans to move to products that will be completely manufactured in Ghana. What is more exciting about the plans of GN electronics is that we are seeking new products, new ideas from local technicians – particularly young men and women from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

“There are so many graduates with brilliant ideas but don’t have the opportunity to showcase them. GN Electronics will be the avenue some of them will go through so that they can see their ideas come into fruition,” Dr. Nduom said.

GN Electronics provides the platform for a smooth transition from an analogue system to a digital migration era.

Dr. Nduom noted, “The government of Ghana has talked about digital migration…if we are looking to go into the digital world, then there is no need to go to other countries and import the set-top boxes we need in the country. If we support GN electronics, I believe others will also invest in this area so that Ghana can become the hub for manufacturing electrical products.”

The company intends to begin manufacturing products locally in the medium to long-term. “Assembling allows us topractice this discipline while obtaining know-how from companies who have been in existence for a long time…we will therefore add our modifications to the existing products and eventually design and manufacture our own goods,” General Manager of GN Electronics, Marisa Susan Fee, said.

She noted that this will provide the platform for more young women to actively participate and also motivate them to take up technical courses in the tertiary.

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