African Nations Urged to Follow Ethiopia’s Green Development approach

Ambassadors accredited to Ethiopia have reiterated the need for African nations to follow Ethiopia’s green development model, FBC reports.

Talking to ENA, Swedish and Norwegian Ambassadors commended green growth initiatives in Ethiopia.

The Ambassadors said Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) is exemplary to other African countries.

“When it comes to the Ethiopian ambitions and the effect on Africa, I believe that Ethiopia could be seen as a role model for the rest of the continent,” remarked Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia Jan Sadek.

Appreciating Ethiopia’s responsible action regarding climate change issues domestically and internationally, Ambassador Sadek said the country’s strategy makes it a champion among developing countries.

Frankly speaking I am very impressed by the role that Ethiopia is playing in the area of CRGE. the country is taking a great responsibility both domestically and internationally in the discussion  about climate.”

Ambassador Sadek also mentioned Ethiopia’s support to the African Union in consolidating the African position on the issue of climate change.

“The Swedish government is a very great supporter of the Ethiopian role, and now the government has decided about the new development strategy for Ethiopia which will double the volumes of our support to Ethiopia,” the Ambassador indicated.

Ethiopia’s clean energy strategy and its commitment to increase forest coverage contributes immensely in lowering carbon dioxide levels.

Norwegian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Gaarder, said: “Ethiopia’s example and role in building CRGE strategy is extremely important. It has continued to be sole for Africa and globally and we will be committed to cooperate with Ethiopia in these issues.”

The country’s effort to build CRGE at national scale is something quite remarkable, Ambassador Gaarder said.

“I think you [Ethiopians] are able to, in a very positive way, to create an example for other African countries on how to combine a green development path with sustainable economic growth,” he stated.

“I believe what Ethiopia doing here now trying to build CRGE at the national scale is something quite remarkable and what is now happening is of course the major efforts by all government agencies and institutions to try to mainstream CRGE strategy into the economy through the GTP.”

According to the Ambassador, climate engagement is the backbone of Norway’s engagement with Ethiopia since the Durban declaration of 2011.

Ethiopia has played a very important role in the Paris climate negotiations, according to Ambassador Gaarder, who said Ethiopia’s role is extremely important in global negotiations.

He said the common position taken by African countries in the Paris Agreement was more ambitious.

Africa’s aim was to limit greenhouse gas emission to 1.5 degree Celsius but the goal at international level is two degree Celsius.

Ethiopia has adapted Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy since September 2011 and Norway, UK, Sweden, France, Denmark, Germany and USA have been supporting the strategy.

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