Rwandan Government, Private Sector in Joint Effort to boost Scrap Recycling

The Ministry of Trade and Industry with support from FONERWA fund has designed a national e-waste management strategy. (Lydia Atieno)

The Rwandan Government and private sector have stepped efforts to enhance scrap recycling business, The New Times reports.

According to Steven Niyonzima, the coordinator of the resource efficient and cleaner production center at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the initiative is aimed at strengthening competitiveness of the industrial sector.

It is also designed to equip industrialists with resource efficient managerial skills and boost competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

“We are currently working with the private sector particularly the industrialists to identify the gaps and market opportunities with metal recycling business,” Niyonzima said.

The Ministry with support from FONERWA fund has designed a national e-waste management strategy.

The strategy involves setting up of collection centres for all the metal scrap where industrialists can find them and have them recycled into other construction materials like Iron bars.

It also focuses on the design and implementation of a national e-waste management strategy within Rwanda including a national framework for e-waste recycling, a country wide collection scheme with incentives and the establishment of a dismantling facility.

According to Remy Duhuze, the Director in charge of environment regulations and pollution control unit at Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), this initiative is in line with government’s efforts to promote green economy.

REMA will continue to work with all players including industrialists in embracing innovative technologies to help boost the recycling business and environmentally friendly innovations in the country, he added.

Gilbert Ndagijimana, the managing director of SOIMEX Plastic, a film extraction and package recycling factory in Remera, Gasabo District, said recycling of materials like used plastic bottles, polythene bags, jerry cans and metals promotes a green economy and boost the industrial sector.

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