Rwanda: Impact Hub Kigali in new drive to boost Entrepreneurship

Impact Hub Kigali is in a new drive to boost entrepreneurship skills through Community Share Offer Programme, which enables individuals and organisations to become shareholders by investing into the hub.

Maria Mayanja, the Managing Director, Impact Hub Rwanda,  said the new programme seeks to boost entrepreneurship through business development across the country.

“We are now selling our shares at 250 Dollars each for the interested investors with the intent of decentralizing services and taking business skills to the grassroot level,” Mayanja said.

The idea is to make sure Rwanda becomes the most developed and environment-friendly country in Africa with world class social entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Impact Hub Kigali, opened last year with a global Impact Hub network of 76 local innovation labs, business incubators and social enterprise community centers across the world.

The hub facilitates local and young entrepreneurs with skills, expertise and links them to international entrepreneurs.

Gerald Rukundo, a graduate from Impact Hub Kigali, said the initiative will play a significant role in developing skills among the youth.

“Investors have the right to do business where they envisage significant economic competitive advantage; therefore the new initiative is part of a strategy to respond to this need,” Rukundo said.

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